Tattoo Studio

Your tattoo studio deserves a dark and dynamic layout to match its thrilling experience. A design invoking the needle of a tattoo artist, the combination of sharp images paired with smooth text render this template both elegant and modern.

Italian Restaurant

Whet your audience’s appetite with this modern layout. Wrapped in a clean, white, floury design, this template works perfectly with Italian restaurants. Offer your visitors a delicious taste of what to expect with custom images and color schemes.

Makeup Artist

This flawless two-tone layout allows makeup artists to highlight their best features. Easy to use and edit, this template offers you flexibility including a gallery widget to spotlight your cosmetic creativity. Audiences will blush because there’s nothing to conceal here.


Give your clients a clean cut with this modern and edgy layout. Sharpen up your website’s image with this fashionable design. Geared towards traditional male barbershops, this trim template is fresh, combining colors with shades of gray.

Baby Sleep Consultant

Present a calm, soothing atmosphere to parents in search of a baby sleep consultant with this layout. This clean design with relaxing images and tranquil color tones appeals to clients wishing to help their little ones sleep through the night.

Luxury Hotel

Take your visitors on a beautiful journey with this refreshing and minimal layout. Customize it to fit any type of accommodation or spa venture. Future customers will feel a breath of fresh air as they wander through your inviting website.

Japanese Restaurant & Bar

Your customers will say “arigato” when they visit your modern and eye-catching website. A design that instills the atmosphere of a Japanese restaurant down to its color scheme and icons. Impress your patrons using this clean and sophisticated template.

Life Coach

Motivate visitors to reach out with this warm layout designed for life coaches and consultants alike. This template ticks three boxes: a simple structure, informative layout, and a clear design. Present your coaching services using this cohesive kit.

Family Doctor

Your visitors will feel better starting from the moment they visit your medical website with this warm layout. This soft and clean template suits any medical business. Encourage contact with patients using this inviting design.

Cleaning Company

This sparkling clean layout is perfect for local service providers such as a cleaning company. The black strokes, calm color scheme, and cohesive images create a sleek-looking website. Simple and classic to match your service.