Dental Clinic

Put your best smile forward with this clean, simple, and professional layout. Customize icons, select calming colors, and radiate a glow with this template’s precise design. Suitable for any medical business.

Flower Shop

Watch your website bloom with this colorful boutique flower shop layout. A modern design surrounds large-sized images to breathe life into this floral template. Choose this design and watch your small business blossom.


Give your clients a clean cut with this modern and edgy layout. Sharpen up your website’s image with this fashionable design. Geared towards traditional male barbershops, this trim template is fresh, combining colors with shades of gray.

Veterinary Clinic

This modern and monochromatic design presents a polished layout. Warm images and a minimalist structure give this template a positive look and feel. Soft texts and texture will make visitors of all species feel cozy.

Baby Sleep Consultant

Present a calm, soothing atmosphere to parents in search of a baby sleep consultant with this layout. This clean design with relaxing images and tranquil color tones appeals to clients wishing to help their little ones sleep through the night.

Online Fashion Shop

Start your own eCommerce store with this fashionable layout. Enjoy a clean and minimalist design that offers an intuitive shopping experience for customers. Launch fresh new apparel and accessories in a moment. Your visitors will shop till they drop!

Personal Trainer

Make some gains with this clean and simple layout packed with stylistic muscle. This design offers you all the tools you need to flex your personal training or nutrition business with a perfect balance of text, images, and icons.

Clinical Psychologist

A soothing monochromatic theme for psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and mental health professionals looking to display their range of treatments to clients. This modern and minimal theme conveys a professional, calm environment that evokes serenity.

Merchandise Shop

Proudly display your company’s merchandise using this clean and minimalist layout. Flecked with vibrant colors and fun animations, the bold typography raises your profile right to the top. Show off your swag with style.

Life Coach

Motivate visitors to reach out with this warm layout designed for life coaches and consultants alike. This template ticks three boxes: a simple structure, informative layout, and a clear design. Present your coaching services using this cohesive kit.