Go big with this bold, high-contrast layout. A perfect fit for a gym or fitness center. Movement is incorporated into various template elements to create an active vibe. Exercise your core benefits with a knockout statement for your health business.

Private Tours

Entice curious travelers with this elegant and modern layout. Designed for the travel and tourism industry, particularly private tour guides and operators. This template is fully responsive across devices, helping visitors navigate with ease.

Law Firm

Make clients plea for this well-structured layout. A clear design that fits a variety of professional services such as law, accountancy, and consultancy. State your case with this disciplined template that’s perfect for white-collar professions.

Health & Beauty Spa

Soothe body and mind with this spacious layout. Made for spas and alternative medicine practitioners, this uniquely structured template embodies calmness. See your choice of text and color evenly massaged all over your website.

Italian Restaurant

Whet your audience’s appetite with this modern layout. Wrapped in a clean, white, floury design, this template works perfectly with Italian restaurants. Offer your visitors a delicious taste of what to expect with custom images and color schemes.

Veterinary Clinic

This modern and monochromatic design presents a polished layout. Warm images and a minimalist structure give this template a positive look and feel. Soft texts and texture will make visitors of all species feel cozy.

Health & Fitness eBook

Have your audience flex their minds then their muscles with this bold and modern layout. Offering a simple layout that suits a variety of products, there are plenty of ways to work out this template to suit your needs.

Handmade Ceramics Shop

Perfect for your eCommerce website, this clean and minimalist layout incorporate’s a modern off-white color scheme. Make use of this templates easy-to-use structure to create an online store that’s fast and impressive. Perfect for a ceramic, pottery, or glass boutique.

Pet Care Company

Pet owners will appreciate your pet care and grooming website with this cheerful and clean layout. Applicable to any business providing simple yet professional services, it’s “pawfect”. Soft fonts on a happy bed of colors help set a friendly tone.

Online Coffee Shop

Visitors will wake up and smell the coffee with this beautiful and colorful layout. Creating a compelling eCommerce experience, your one-stop coffee shop will appeal to true aficionados. Create an inviting aroma with this freshly brewed template.