Luxury Real Estate Agency

Showcase your real estate portfolio with this modern, polished, and professional layout. There’s ample space for bold visuals to entice prospective buyers. Point clients to the unique character of properties using this template’s neutral color tones. Visitors will be sold!

Tattoo Studio

Your tattoo studio deserves a dark and dynamic layout to match its thrilling experience. A design invoking the needle of a tattoo artist, the combination of sharp images paired with smooth text render this template both elegant and modern.

Design Conference

A visual masterpiece of a layout that will appeal to creatives across the board. This design’s clean and modern layout is covered in colors and geometrical shapes. Adjust the colors, fonts, and images to match your event.

Flooring Company

All is square with this edgy layout. An extremely versatile template that can be used for a variety of services. Designed with a simple color scheme and modern square step structure, your impressed visitors will soon turn into leads.

Clinical Psychologist

A soothing monochromatic theme for psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and mental health professionals looking to display their range of treatments to clients. This modern and minimal theme conveys a professional, calm environment that evokes serenity.

VR Headsets & Gaming Equipment

Make the virtual a reality with this sleek, modern layout. Designed as a series of squares complemented by a clean black and white color scheme, this template draws attention to your electronic product.

Yoga Studio

Bring out your inner chakra and connect with your visitors with this spacious and clean layout. Unite your clients’ body and mind and recreate the serenity of meditation using this simple and balanced design.

Moving & Storage Company

Take your customers from “A” to “B” with this simple and polished layout. Positive colors, themed content, and special features help you display your moving and storage company’s services. Transport your audience to contact you.

Cleaning Company

This sparkling clean layout is perfect for local service providers such as a cleaning company. The black strokes, calm color scheme, and cohesive images create a sleek-looking website. Simple and classic to match your service.


Take your visitors higher with this modern and minimalist layout. Showcase your drone products using this clean and sleek template, complete with animations. Create the perfect backdrop for your products before they take to the skies.