Nature & Wildlife Photography

Capture your audience’s imagination with this lucid layout. Pick your finest photographs then display your portfolio in various styles. Develop visitors into clients and beautifully hang your favorite projects as you present nature’s priceless moments.

Private Tours

Entice curious travelers with this elegant and modern layout. Designed for the travel and tourism industry, particularly private tour guides and operators. This template is fully responsive across devices, helping visitors navigate with ease.

Italian Restaurant

Whet your audience’s appetite with this modern layout. Wrapped in a clean, white, floury design, this template works perfectly with Italian restaurants. Offer your visitors a delicious taste of what to expect with custom images and color schemes.


Give your clients a clean cut with this modern and edgy layout. Sharpen up your website’s image with this fashionable design. Geared towards traditional male barbershops, this trim template is fresh, combining colors with shades of gray.

Flooring Company

All is square with this edgy layout. An extremely versatile template that can be used for a variety of services. Designed with a simple color scheme and modern square step structure, your impressed visitors will soon turn into leads.

Save The Date Invitation

Saying “I do” is the happiest day for many couples and to match this moment is this luxurious “Save the Date” layout. A clean, modern, and monochromatic design allows you to build anticipation for your special day.

Portrait Photography

An artistic black and white layout that embraces your creativity. This template enables you to showcase your most intriguing subjects. Sleek and simple with an edge of mystery, frame your uniqueness with this design’s modern lens. Perfect for portrait photographers.


Take your visitors higher with this modern and minimalist layout. Showcase your drone products using this clean and sleek template, complete with animations. Create the perfect backdrop for your products before they take to the skies.

Fashion Stylist Portfolio

Impress your future clients by displaying your eye-catching portfolio. Modern, sophisticated, and chic, this layout will boost your profile and place you on the radar of A-listers. Present your eye for fashion with this template.

Beauty Salon

Capture the flair of your hair and beauty salon with this bold, modern, and larger-than-life layout. Showcase your range of services using symmetrical precision, modern typography, and complementary colors. Make your salon the only one on clients’ minds.