Technology Conference

Give your next conference website a futuristic look and feel with this ultramodern tricolor layout. Set participant expectations high with options to detail every segment of your tech or design conference.

Event DJ

Drop the bass with this fresh and upbeat layout. This DJ kit will help you cut to your best beats with its clear, and vibrant design. Visitors will press “play” to choose you for their event.

Dance Studio

Show off your elegant dance classes with this classy and minimalist layout. A design made for dance studios, this template expresses an artistic appeal. Communicate a modern, informal, vibe to visitors to match your range of classes with this kit.

Pet Care Company

Pet owners will appreciate your pet care and grooming website with this cheerful and clean layout. Applicable to any business providing simple yet professional services, it’s “pawfect”. Soft fonts on a happy bed of colors help set a friendly tone.

App & SaaS

Promote your winning application with this clean and simple layout. Showcase every feature of your app or software service. Easily customize the colors to match your brand design. Proudly pitch your product with this design.

Personal Chef

Deliver your thriving catering business to food lovers with this simple yet sophisticated layout. Take clients on a culinary journey by displaying your most sumptuous dishes using this bold design. Visitors will have their napkins ready when they contact you.

Shared Workspace

A shared workspace requires an equally matching layout that’s vibrant, perfectly structured, and modern. Both flexible and fun, this template captures the best of community workspaces by the openness it evokes.

Virtual Assistant

The future is here with this simple and modern layout that’s perfect for virtual assistants. This versatile template’s typography and colors can be easily customized to fit a variety of technology services.

Food Truck

Present your meals on wheels business with this big, bold layout. Bright colors, large appetizing images, and a fun design capture the essence of your food truck or food trailer business. Watch your line growing longer!

Private Tutor

Demonstrate your ability to maximize students’ potential with this warm, inviting, and classroom-inspired layout. Display your range of services and packages with this professional yet inviting template. The class is always in session with this design.