Family Doctor

Your visitors will feel better starting from the moment they visit your medical website with this warm layout. This soft and clean template suits any medical business. Encourage contact with patients using this inviting design.

Moving & Storage Company

Take your customers from “A” to “B” with this simple and polished layout. Positive colors, themed content, and special features help you display your moving and storage company’s services. Transport your audience to contact you.

Cleaning Company

This sparkling clean layout is perfect for local service providers such as a cleaning company. The black strokes, calm color scheme, and cohesive images create a sleek-looking website. Simple and classic to match your service.


Display your workmanship with this classic layout. Warm colors surround this clean and simple design, evoking a wooden feeling. The complementary wood images will appeal to clients, enabling them to virtually enjoy the scent of newly polished wood.

Speech-Language Therapist

Create a warm and safe environment for children and parents with this smooth and colorful layout. Professional looking, simple in structure, and littered with color, this template makes a big impression on potential clients.

Landscape Design

Bring the fragrance of gardening right to your homepage with this warm, inviting, and dual-tone layout. The earthy colors connect to nature and symbolize the link between the natural and refined. Ideal for gardening businesses or green finger enthusiasts.

Beauty Salon

Capture the flair of your hair and beauty salon with this bold, modern, and larger-than-life layout. Showcase your range of services using symmetrical precision, modern typography, and complementary colors. Make your salon the only one on clients’ minds.


A professional nutritionist or dietitian deserves a design to match their services. Create a sleek and modern website with easy customization of images and content with this layout. Personalize it to fit fitness or alternative medicine businesses.

Personal Chef

Deliver your thriving catering business to food lovers with this simple yet sophisticated layout. Take clients on a culinary journey by displaying your most sumptuous dishes using this bold design. Visitors will have their napkins ready when they contact you.

Shared Workspace

A shared workspace requires an equally matching layout that’s vibrant, perfectly structured, and modern. Both flexible and fun, this template captures the best of community workspaces by the openness it evokes.