Environmental Organization

Inspire environmental changes and initiatives with this gentle layout. Select color schemes to match your cause, or keep the wave motifs for an aquatic mood. A template that educates and illuminates any noble cause.

Health & Beauty Spa

Soothe body and mind with this spacious layout. Made for spas and alternative medicine practitioners, this uniquely structured template embodies calmness. See your choice of text and color evenly massaged all over your website.


You’ll be the master of many trades when you use this clean and colorful layout. Engrave your name to your services with this engaging template which allows you to detail your every trade. A professional workman deserves a professional website.

Non-Governmental Organization

Encourage visitors to join your cause with this bold and modern layout. Non-governmental organizations and non-profits will benefit from this engaging design that will catch the eye of future donors and volunteers.

Family Doctor

Your visitors will feel better starting from the moment they visit your medical website with this warm layout. This soft and clean template suits any medical business. Encourage contact with patients using this inviting design.

VR Headsets & Gaming Equipment

Make the virtual a reality with this sleek, modern layout. Designed as a series of squares complemented by a clean black and white color scheme, this template draws attention to your electronic product.

Speech-Language Therapist

Create a warm and safe environment for children and parents with this smooth and colorful layout. Professional looking, simple in structure, and littered with color, this template makes a big impression on potential clients.

Landscape Design

Bring the fragrance of gardening right to your homepage with this warm, inviting, and dual-tone layout. The earthy colors connect to nature and symbolize the link between the natural and refined. Ideal for gardening businesses or green finger enthusiasts.

Hiking Tours Company

New frontiers await visitors looking for an experienced trekking company. This imaginative, live layout inspires any adventure seeker. Great animations and images, a modern design, and bright colors will convince visitors to choose you for their next journey.

Tennis Academy

Serve an “ace” with this fresh and clean layout. A vibrant gradient of colors adds some play to this fun template. Easily make tweaks and changes to personalize this design. Watch memberships rise faster than a straight-sets win.