Music Festival

Awaken festival-goers to the spectacle of your live event. Set the stage for audience anticipation and display important details using vibrant colors and bold texts. The show is always on with this template.

Wedding Planner

Starry-eyed couples will say “I do” to this neatly displayed layout draped in sheer white. Visitors will dream of their big day and march down this minimalist template that’s easy on the eyes.

Technology Conference

Give your next conference website a futuristic look and feel with this ultramodern tricolor layout. Set participant expectations high with options to detail every segment of your tech or design conference.

Design Conference

A visual masterpiece of a layout that will appeal to creatives across the board. This design’s clean and modern layout is covered in colors and geometrical shapes. Adjust the colors, fonts, and images to match your event.

Event DJ

Drop the bass with this fresh and upbeat layout. This DJ kit will help you cut to your best beats with its clear, and vibrant design. Visitors will press “play” to choose you for their event.

Save The Date Invitation

Saying “I do” is the happiest day for many couples and to match this moment is this luxurious “Save the Date” layout. A clean, modern, and monochromatic design allows you to build anticipation for your special day.


Build your fan base, drop your latest album, and sell-out shows with this big, bold layout. Vibrant colors, large texts, and a unique design put your rising star status center stage. The show is always on with this template.

Music Band

Upbeat and energetic is what this fun, bold layout is all about. Audiences will dance to the rhythm of this design’s oversized texts, massive colored squares, and larger-than-life images. Easily customize your own mix of colors and images.