Italian Restaurant

Whet your audience’s appetite with this modern layout. Wrapped in a clean, white, floury design, this template works perfectly with Italian restaurants. Offer your visitors a delicious taste of what to expect with custom images and color schemes.

Japanese Restaurant & Bar

Your customers will say “arigato” when they visit your modern and eye-catching website. A design that instills the atmosphere of a Japanese restaurant down to its color scheme and icons. Impress your patrons using this clean and sophisticated template.

Personal Chef

Deliver your thriving catering business to food lovers with this simple yet sophisticated layout. Take clients on a culinary journey by displaying your most sumptuous dishes using this bold design. Visitors will have their napkins ready when they contact you.

Handmade Cupcakes

Visitors will want to take a bite out of your cookies after visiting your delicious website. A layout that awakens the senses of your baked treats, this calm and monochromatic design combines appetizing images with inviting fonts and icons.

Food Truck

Present your meals on wheels business with this big, bold layout. Bright colors, large appetizing images, and a fun design capture the essence of your food truck or food trailer business. Watch your line growing longer!

Bread Bakery

Your bakery website will be the best thing since sliced bread with this large, clean, powdery layout. Big images, and bold texts are set against a floury white background. This doughy template is perfect for any (bread) bakery.