Dance Studio

Show off your elegant dance classes with this classy and minimalist layout. A design made for dance studios, this template expresses an artistic appeal. Communicate a modern, informal, vibe to visitors to match your range of classes with this kit.

Speech-Language Therapist

Create a warm and safe environment for children and parents with this smooth and colorful layout. Professional looking, simple in structure, and littered with color, this template makes a big impression on potential clients.


A professional nutritionist or dietitian deserves a design to match their services. Create a sleek and modern website with easy customization of images and content with this layout. Personalize it to fit fitness or alternative medicine businesses.

Tennis Academy

Serve an “ace” with this fresh and clean layout. A vibrant gradient of colors adds some play to this fun template. Easily make tweaks and changes to personalize this design. Watch memberships rise faster than a straight-sets win.

Health & Mindfulness Blog

Let your visitors experience the merging of body and mind in this tranquil layout. This template’s soft and minimal design evokes feelings of peace and serenity. Lift your subscribers’ (mental) health and mindfulness blog with this calm and relaxing template.