Complete Online Ordering Platform for Local Restaurants

Start increasing your revenue without having to pay a large commission fee to someone else.

Convert your visitors to loyal customers


Bring your dining experience online

Recreate the one-on-one relationships you and your staff create with guests


Keep control over your customer data

 Capture the names and contact info of customers who order using your branded platform. Ideal for marketing and loyalty programs!


Protect your restaurant’s brand

Eliminating the dependency of 3rd party delivery providers will keep more money in your pocket while allowing for easier scaling of in-house delivery operations

Offer a simple ordering and payment experience

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Only 3 steps are needed for a customer to order and pay for their menu items.

Ditch the account creation

Customers don’t need to set up an account to order, which increases conversion rates.

Don’t have a website? No problem!

Website creation and hosting

Tavan Sites can set up your restaurant’s online ordering platform and a branded website that links to all of your system.

Generate more traffic

Attract new customers who search for the latest and greatest restaurant options

Streamline your customer support

Whether you engage with your customers through phone or social media, automatically and simply direct them to order through your website.

Online Ordering

CAD$250 one time

Website + Ordering

CAD$530 One Time*

* Hosting renews annually at $29.99/year

Accept online payments


CAD$49.99 monthly

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Felipe Vidal

Customer success

Start increasing your revenue and loyal clientele now!